How it all started...

NDG was birthed in 2005 when Alycia took her first trip to Northern Uganda. Having spent time in the region God began marking her heart for different ethnic groups. She fell in love with those who had suffered greatly from the terrible atrocities of Joseph Kony and the LRA (Lords Resistance Army).  Chris and Alycia have been serving in Uganda now for over 17 years. They are committed to going, serving, and rebuilding in nations that have been decimated by war and acts of violence. 

Meet Vereria & Dinavence

On Sunday May 29, 2022 Dinavence, who you see in the top photo, went to Pastor Sam's church seeking for help.  They asked her.. "what kind of help do you need from us?" She replied "We have no place to sleep." Her father had recently passed away and they had nothing. They sold all their personal belongings so they could pay for the hospital bill. But by the end of the day the father had died. This woman Dinavence (who is blind) and her mother, Vereria are vulnerable individuals. Women who are in need of special care, support or protection because of their age or risk of neglect.  So when we got the phone call on Monday morning from Pastor Sam asking if Night & Day could help the answer was immediately...YES!!
Pastor Sam traveled out to the village to assess the situation and saw the conditions they were living in at the time. We knew they needed a safe place to call home.  So construction on the new home began seven days later. The project was completed on July 24, 2022. These two precious women not only have a new home, but they are also receiving spiritual and financial support every month.  The love of Jesus  has touched not just this family, but the whole village!

Luke 1:37 "For with God, nothing is impossible." (CJB)