Greeting Cards

The Walk with Me Series greeting cards are photos taken by Alycia Humphrey during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  
As she was out  on her daily walks Jesus was teaching her to see the beauty that is all around us, even in the darkest of days.
We hope you enjoy sharing these cards as much as she enjoyed personally designing each one.
 Your purchase of this series will help to support the ministry work in Uganda.
Worship unlocks the everlasting gates for the King of Glory to come into cities and nations. We are living in one of the greatest hours in human history. God is raising up an army that He has destined to usher in the second coming of His Son Jesus Christ. Chris Humphrey; the author, takes us through a powerful spiritual journey in the life of true worshippers from his own personal journey to biblical examples. May the pages fill you with the revelation of the beauty of Jesus to ignite a heart of worship within you.
"An Altar of Moments is a call to every believer to offer your life as a living sacrifice with love and devotion to Jesus. Ben writes with the authority of Scripture but also the authority of living a life that exemplifies the message of this book. Whether you're in need of fresh passion in your walk with the Lord or you're already burning with desire to follow Jesus more wholeheartedly, this book is for you!"