When We are Betrayed

Word Of Life Weekly Devotional.


By Pastor Haward Muhumuza

And He answered and said, he that dippeth his hand with me in the dish, the same shall betray me. Matthew 26:23

In life we may have experienced or seen people delivered into the hands of their enemies by treachery in violation of trust by those who claim to love them so much.

Betrayal is a daily occurrence either in the work place, political arena, family circle or even in church.

Nothing can be more painful than a betrayal from your most trusted person.

However, every betrayal is our sure lifter to the next level in the journey of life if we are walking within God’s perfect will.

Most times until the devil shows up, you won’t know your true need for God.

So likewise until a betrayer strikes you, you will not know when to jump out of your entrapped comfort zone to the higher ground calling for you.

From our text, Jesus already knew who the betrayer was and the essence was to make a way for Jesus to fulfill His assignment here on earth as prophesied in scriptures.

He did not fight nor run away from His betrayer though He knew him from the beginning.

 Jesus endured the pain and shame that came with His betrayal; this ultimately paved a way for the salvation of mankind.

How you handle the betrayer and your attitude towards betrayal converts your pain to gain and ultimately extends the blessing for others to benefit from it.

Remember the story of Joseph? We see how God positioned and blessed him after passing through the experience of betrayal.

This was made possible because he was always acting within the will of God.

Beloved as many have been betrayed or are currently passing through the pain and shame of betrayal, I encourage you to remain steadfast in the will of God. You will see the God of vengeance show up in your favour in Jesus Christ name.

CONFESSION:  O God, engrace me to always walk and remain in your will for my life and put all my betrayers to shame as I ascend greater heights in Jesus Christ name.

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