The More of God

The More of God -Part 1

Written by Chris Humphrey
Recently my heart has been inflamed to re-read some of the books in my library on revival history.
I longed to see what I was reading in my generation.  
The Welsh Revival was the spearhead that made way for the Azusa Street Revival which could be the primary link to the modern Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches. The testimonies and messages that came forth from both of these revivals can light a deeper hunger within any heart that desires the “More” of God.

As you read please keep in mind that these testimonies were penned in the midst of God’s Presence being poured out over an entire Nation.

Reports of entire cities putting a halt to the routine of regular commercial business — while Evan Roberts and his team were holding revival meetings in the region.

Reports that jails were shutting their doors because criminals were repenting in the gatherings under the weight of conviction upon their hearts.

Bars and brothels went out of business because their patrons were moved by the Spirit to give their lives over to the King of kings.

One particular message from Evan Roberts the forerunner voice of the Welsh Revival was
 Get the Flame

Listen to the breath of Heaven upon these words,

While the fire of God is falling, while the voice of God
Is calling, brothers Get the Flame….
While the torch of God is burning, men’s weak efforts
overturning, Christians Get the Flame……
While the Holy Ghost is pleading
Human methods superseding,
He Himself the Flame…..
While the power hard hearts is bending,
Yield thy own, to Him surrendering,
All to Get the Flame….
For the world at last is waking,
And beneath his spell is breaking
Into Living Flame…..
And our Glorious Lord is seeking,
Human hearts, to rouse the sleeping
Fired with Heavenly Flame….
If in utter self surrender,
You would work with Christ, remember,
You must Get the Flame….
For the sake of bruised and dying,
And the lost in darkness lying,
We MUST Get the Flame….
For the sake of Christ in Glory
And the spreading of the story,
We MUST Get the Flame….
Oh my soul for thy refining
And thy clearer brighter shining,
Do not miss the Flame….
On the Holy Ghost relying
Simply trusting and not trying,
You will Get the Flame….
Brothers let us cease our dreaming,
And while God’s flood tide is streaming

Every time I read these words, I can’t help but at least touch the heart of God to dream with Him for a people who would posture their heart in such a way to give their lives to this Holy Flame!

Frank Bartleman stated during the Azusa Street Revival —   “I would rather live six months in the midst of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit than a lifetime of an ordinary life”.  

As we draw near in 2022 to the Biblical Festival of Shavuot, otherwise known to the
 Christian Church as “Pentecost”, I have been carrying a deep hunger for the Fire of God’s Presence to re-ignite within His Bride afresh.

It was on the Day of Pentecost nearly 2000 years ago that the Holy Spirit fell as tongues of Fire upon 120 praying disciples.  After two years of the fiery trial called Covid that has come upon the Globe, I believe it is time once again to yield ourselves with a hopeful expectation to the
Fiery Love of God.
Can we believe together that we are on the cusp of one of the greatest outpourings of God’s Presence? An outpouring that will culminate in the last days Harvest which makes way for the Bridegroom King Jesus to return and take His Bride unto Himself.

Now let us, His Bride re-utter these God inspired words


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