Certainly Stirred

Certainly Stirred 
Written by  Allie Billat

The night had been long.
Muscles were aching.
Eyelids hung heavy.
Hearts deeply discouraged.
In desperate need of repair, the huge fishing net sprawled at their feet. Wet and empty. Repairing the net represented the hope of a future catch. But after a long, exhausting night of repeatedly dropping the weighted net into the black nighttime water only to haul it back up empty left little room for any hope.
Hope had drained from the fishermen’s heart like water through an empty net.
A large crowd had gathered on the The Sea of Galilee’s shore, hungry to hear the wise words of the Teacher. The Teacher who had been stirring hearts and performing miracles around Galilee had amassed such a great following that He required a different vantage point from which to speak. The Teacher requested the use of a boat.
Simon, the owner of one of the fishing boats gladly allowed the Teacher the use of his boat. Perhaps it would serve the Teacher better than it had them.
The Teacher climbed aboard.
Simon pushed the boat out just off shore.
 A fishing boat turned lectern.

As the fishermen went about their tedious, net-mending task Simon caught a few of the words the Teacher shared with the seashore crowd.
Words of Truth mingled with Hope. Simon’s heart was stirred - ever so slightly, but certainly stirred.

The Teacher returned the boat to the weary fishermen along with a command - return to the now sun-shimmering sea.
Return to that hopeless task.  
Return to those soul-searing, fruitless attempts.
But this time…..
Row out even further!

More effort.
More time.
Partially mended nets.
It made no sense!

Simon’s sigh was deep.
His body ached.
Expressions of exhaustion and discouragement clearly displayed on the faces of his fellow fishermen.
And there was that “drained-hope” issue….

Simon began his protest. He began to explain the situation of which surely the Teacher was unaware.
Then an ever so slight pause.
A breath.
Was it something Simon saw in the Eyes of the Teacher that made him pause?
Made him relent?
“But if You say so…”*
And, relent he did, relent they all did, and the catch so massive the boat could barely contain it!

A quizzical whirlwind of emotion and unbelief filled Simon’s head.
This was utter nonsense!
Then again, who can argue with a fish-filled boat?

Simon’s reaction?
His certainly-stirred-heart now dropped Simon to his knees before the Teacher. His life, his heart, and even his name changed forever.

Is your heart feeling certainly stirred by the Teacher?
Sensing that He is doing something new - something different? Something that makes no sense?
Stop the endless and exhausting ruminating.
Stop the spiritual arguing.
Stop the overthinking.
Grab your un-mended net.
Climb into the boat.
Row out to the deep.
And, prepare for a
“drop-you-to-your-knees” experience.

*Luke 5:5 NLT


Jennifer Shipp - May 20th, 2022 at 8:46pm

POWERFUL N ENCOURAGING!!! Receiving it in Jesus name!

Lesley Artyn Nolan - May 21st, 2022 at 2:21am

Beautifully written and stirring indeed! Keep writing and sharing Truth - you have a gift from Him that this world of His needs! ♥️